The Journalism Studies Association of the Philippines (JSAP) is a professional organization representing university, college and senior high school journalism educators in private and public institutions that seeks to promote Journalism study and research as well as to advocate for independent and free media, especially during critical times. Journalism education started in the Philippines in 1919 but journalism educators remain unorganized even after a century. Attempts to organize them had failed in the past due to lack of funds and lack of leadership. The University of the Philippines – Diliman’s  Department of Journalism initiated the creation of JSAP, the first organization of Journalism Educators in the Philippines.



The JSAP aims to promote the highest possible standards in journalism education, journalism studies and research; to encourage cultural diversity in classrooms and curriculum; to support and develop competent and up-to-date journalism professors and advisers with the latest technological equipment and know-how; and to advocate for a free and independent media.


The JSAP  will create various fora – physically and digitally- for members to interact and share information and best practices. Seminars on the latest issues on journalism, especially threats to Press Freedom, as well as pedagogical techniques and innovation shall be held periodically. A high standard peer-reviewed Journalism Studies journal shall be created in order to promote Journalism studies and research.

All these can bring about world-class Journalism professors who can guide students to become world-class future journalists. 


Assistant Professor Lucia P. Tangi, chair of the UP Department of Journalism , conceptualized JSAP after years of  researching on journalism education in the Philippines. She discovered that attempts to introduce journalism education in the Philippines started in 1919, less than a decade after the first journalism school was established in the United States in 1908.  A committee was set up by UP  to study the feasibility  of  introducing a degree in journalism. However, it was only in 1966 that UP started offering a degree in journalism  following the establishment of the Institute of Mass Communication pursuant to Republic Act 4370.

A number of journalism schools flourished and produced some of the best journalists in the country. There were several attempts to organize journalism educators but none succeeded because of lack of support and funding.  In 2019, Assistant Prof. Tangi felt it was the time to organize Filipino journalism educators because of the growing challenges that they have to face as a result of rapid technological development and a worsening media environment.

JSAP was finally established in October 2019 under the Initiative for Media Freedom implemented by Internews Philippines with support from USAID. It was formally launched on March 6, 2020 at the UP College of Mass Communication. Some 25 Journalism educators and practitioners were present at the launch.

Among the founding members of JSAP are journalism faculty from various universities in Metro Manila and the provinces. The JSAP office is located at the UP Diliman College of Mass Communication (UP CMC).

At the launch of JSAP on March 6, 2020




Lucia Palpal-latoc Tangi






Khrysta Imperial Rara





A week or so after the soft launch of JSAP on March 6, the lockdowns due to the pandemic started. But, as they say, “the show must go on.” On July 23-24, we, in cooperation with other groups, held a 2-day webinar on “The New Normal in Journalism Education”, with more than 2,000 registrants. It was done through ZOOM and Facebook.

Meanwhile, we put up JSAP in various social media platforms – FB Page, FB Group, Youtube (Channel) and our own website. We continued inviting and accepting members.

On June 26, 2021, we presented, in coordination with other groups, the Roundtable Discussion on “Of Journalism and Elections” while on July 16, we delivered, in partnership with other groups, the Webinar “Saan Galing ang Local News Mo?” where veteran journalist and UP Journalism professor Yvonne Chua explained the results of Reuters’ Digital News Report 2021.

In early 2021, the JSAP Core Group constituted itself into the Board of Directors and drafted the Constitution and By-Laws. On July 14, 2021, the JOURNALISM STUDIES ASSOCIATION OF THE PHILIPPINES, INC. was duly registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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Journalism Studies Association of the Philippines or JSAP is a non-stock, non-profit corporation. It is an educational organization of journalism teachers and practitioners.

“News is only the first rough draft of history.”

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