Jeremiah Opiniano of the University Santo Tomas has a well-researched academic article titled Reporting international Migration in the book Ethical Reporting of Sensitive Topics (pp.251-275) published by Routledge and edited by Ann Luce.  The book is described as aiming “to support all journalists, from students of journalism and individuals encountering a newsroom for the first time, to those veteran journalists or specialist journalists who seek to better their reporting skills.”

Opiniano points out that “Journalism – from news items to Pulitzer Prize-winning narrative stories – has long been reporting about migrants from their countries of origin and from their communities of temporary and permanent settlement. It is thus the mission of journalists to illustrate how migrants/ foreigners/ immigrants live their lives in two worlds. This is while journalists present evidence on how migrants contributed or posed problems to their new and old societies.”

A pre-published version of his article can be downloaded from

(JAYA 16-10-20)

Prof. Lucia P. Tangi, chair of the UP Journalism Department and Convenor of the Journalism Studies of the Philippines (JSAP), adds another feather in her cap with the publication of her research paper in the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) Bulletin Vol. 51 No. 2 September 2020, United Kingdom. The title of the article is “ Uniting Against the Tides: Filipino ‘Shefarers’ Organising Against Sexual Harassment“.

The proper citation for the research work is: Tangi, L. (2020) ‘Uniting Against the Tides: Filipino ‘Shefarers’ Organising Against Sexual Harassment’ in in (Tadros, M. and Edwards, J., Eds) Collective Action for Accountability on Sexual Harassment: Global Perspectives, IDS Bulletin 51.2: Brighton: IDS

The article is under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence (CC BY).

The article can be downloaded from

Lucia Palpal-latoc Tangi is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Journalism, College of Mass Communication University of the Philippines, Diliman (UP Diliman), Quezon City. She worked as a journalist for almost 15 years in Manila, Hong Kong and Japan before joining the academe. (corresponding author: ).

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